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African Dog by Amelia de Zwart
African Dog by Amelia de Zwart

Too Much is Never Enough by Amanda Doran - 'Less is More'
Too Much is Never Enough
by Amanda Doran


2022 Exhibition Programme


"Less is More"

‘Less is More’ in the Main Gallery and ‘Time’s Almost Up’ by Amelia de Zwart in The Solo Space will be the two new exhibitions opening in August.

‘Less is More’
The artwork for ‘Less is More’ has been a great surprise and astounding in its beauty, size, depth and variety.  One can’t go past ‘Joanna the Goanna’, the 2.6 mtr mosaic by artists Jane Foundling and Jack Horner. She climbs our wall and has that ‘look’ (I’m watching you!), that is so familiar to us all when a surprised Goanna runs up the nearest tree.

It has been a delight to have artists who are exhibiting at Blue Knob for the first time, and we welcome them all.  Jacinta Dignan’s white on black work ‘Coherence’ is the epitome of ‘Less’ and Jasmine McHenry’s ‘A Glad of Mermaids’ has us thinking ‘More’ of those please. The artists have covered a multitude of ideas, from some of the big issues affecting our planet to the smallest details of our lives, wants and needs.

'Time's Almost Up' by Amelia de Zwart in The Solo Space
Amelia (Milly) de Zwart is passionate about the environment and her work is predominantly about raising awareness of climate, extinction and sustainability issues.

Milly is a 17 year old artist, who practices a mix of different arts; sculpting, crocheting, painting and drawing. Her exhibition ‘Time’s Almost Up’ consists of a multiple array of artworks that have been created over the past two years. These artworks are mainly focused on the effects of our footprint on this world. How the flora and fauna are affected by humanity.

Both exhibitions will run concurrently from Thurs 18th Aug with an afternoon Opening event 2:30-4:30pm Sun 21st Aug.

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Melting Stripes by Amelia de Zwart
Melting Stripes by Amelia de Zwart



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Joanna the Goanna by Jane Foundling_Jack Horner
Joanna the Goanna
by Jane Foundling and Jack Horner

Amelia de Zwart - 'Time's Almost Up'  The Solo SpaceImage by Amelia de Zwart

Coherence by Jacinta Dignan
Coherence by Jacinta Dignan