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Walk Softly Through the Rice Fields by Sachiko Kotaka
Walk Softly Through the Rice Fields
by Sachiko Kotaka


2022 Exhibition Programme


"Fabulous Fibre - The Fibre Show"

Sun June 26th - Sat August 13th

Fabulous Fibre – The Fibre Show. The first fibre exhibition held at Blue Knob Hall Gallery in 2005 was called “Feeling for Fibre” where twenty-five weavers, quilters, felt-makers and sculptors showcased the innovative, creative and functional forms that felt making and fibre were becoming. It has become an annual event that continues to express the vitality of fibre in all its forms.

Felt making was transformed by the experimentation of 2 local women, Polly Stirling and Sachiko Kotaka who developed what is now known as Nuno Felt, they began teaching the process and started a felting revolution that became a worldwide phenomenon.

The exhibition has continued to change over the years as artists use new and old forms of transforming fibre (natural manmade or recycled) into the everyday items that we use, wear or admire.

The artists and artisans who are exhibiting at the Gallery have come up with the whimsical - Jennifer Edwards “No Internet”, an installation using her “Tribal Barbie” couple relaxing in their bamboo and palm woven hut;  the practical - Kitty van Vuuren’s knitted, crocheted and woven work made entirely from recycled yarns; and the mastery with Sachiko Kotaka’s exquisite Nuno felted piece titled “Walk Softly Through the Rice Fields”.

Anything goes when it comes to Fibre and this annual exhibition at Blue Knob Hall Gallery is dedicated to this wonderful multi-faceted medium.

An afternoon Opening for this show will be held on Sun 26th June and the exhibition will run until Sat 13th August.


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Poncho_Skirt & Shawl by K.TPoncho, Skirt & Shawl by K.T

Crochet & Woven Hanging by Lorraine Lintern
Crochet & Woven Hanging
by Lorraine Lintern