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Vanilla Latte Torte

Cafe Blue Knob Program Nov 2015

Fri, 20th Nov 6.30pm
Exhibition Opening ‘Artists Choice’ with exclusive 2 course dinner (meat/vegetarian options), please book in advance
Download menu here

Thurs, 26th Nov 12.30pm
Artists & Friends Lunch at Blue Knob Hall Gallery– everyone is welcome to an exclusive fine 2 course dinner with choice of vegetarian or meat
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Sun, 29th Nov 12.30
Jamaican Summer Food Safari with Mocktails and entertainment Bookings required by 24th Nov - $39 adults/$17 children for 3 course exotic lunch
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Cafe Blue Knob Newsletter

Download Cafe Blue Knob Newsletter here

Brekki at Cafe Blue Knob


Cafe Blue Knob


Jamaican Summer Food Safari

Communicake at Cafe Blue Knob
Free Monthly Communicake Talk


Raw Carrot Cupcakes
Raw Carrot Cupcakes

Cafe Blue Knob


Cafe Blue Knob

Vintage Cafe Blue Knob offers various continental style, often organic, locally sourced, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes. WE are passionate dessert lovers so we put extra love into our sweet treats - come and check them out!

We love serving rustic traditional country cuisine matched with world flavours like Greek, African, French, German, Indian and Asian (not all together of course)! The German food influence is undeniable in Joline's cooking and is enjoyed by many in the region.

The cafe uses mainly organic produce from local farmers where possible and organic coconut oil & organic butter for frying - because we know you can taste and feel the difference. Please ask for special orders. If we can, we will make it happen for you!

Enjoy our vintage decor, garden and veranda setting, featuring wonderful views of green meadows, beautiful forest and Blue Knob mountain. You might even be visited by a curious cow from the other side of the fence :-)

Birthday Parties, engagements, and other festivities are welcome and groups from 8-50 can be catered for.

Joline Shervey - Mine Host


Download full Menu here (150kb pdf)

From our Mains

Traditional All Day ‘Miss Organic’ Brunch 13.5
2 Organic fried eggs & tomato, Butter on toasted organic Spelt bread w/ Salad Greens w/ beef sausage $3, buttered mushrooms $3, bacon $3 Glutenfree bread available $2 extra

Organic Buckwheat GF or Spelt Crepe Savoury
French style topping w/ cheese, veggies & herbs 13.5
Sweet: topped w/ maple syrup, cream & seasonal fruit 9/14 for two

Large German Vanilla Waffle
w/ various toppings
- Apple sauce w/ cinnamon sugar & cream 9
- w/ Ice cream, cream & maple syrup 12

Mr. Fluffy - Organic Omelette GF 9.5
w/ Salad 15 w/ fresh org. Herbs & local org. eggs w/ Spelt toast $1.5 extra Tomato / Cheese/ Ham each filling $2 extra

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
w/ Tomato 8, Tomato & Ham 9.5, Ham & Egg 10.5 or Hawaiian style 10 On biodynamic spelt bread - Ask us for more varieties, with Salad add $5

Organic Pizza 15
w/ small Salad 19.5 GF, Grain free, yeast free Buckwheat/Spelt base from pan, w/ organic tomato sauce, cheese , herbs & veggies Extra Toppings available: Ham, pineapple, tuna or org. fried egg each $2 extra

“Die Knackwurst” 9.5
w/ Salad 14.5 Traditional German Sausage in a long toasted Spelt bread roll w/ fried Onions, Tomato Sauce or German Mild Mustard

Blue Knob Garden Salad 9.5
Seasonal variety of organic greens & garden vegetables with Café Blue Knob Special Dressing, Toast 1.5 extra

AND more Lunch SPECIALS of the DAY…. See Board!

From our Desserts
Indulgent Red Velvet Brownie Fudge Cheesecake Slice

Triple Chocolate Torte
w/ fruitsauce 6 The Café Blue Knob favourite birthday cake

The Fav! Lemon Coconut Cheesecake
Raw, GF, Dairy free, Vegan

Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte Roll
Traditional German Black Forest Cherry Cream Chocolate Roll

& other cakes, slices and desserts

Plus a large range of hot and cold drinks
Komboucha Spritzer
Home brewed fermented probiotic ice tea 4 (Original & Berry)

Fresh hand squeezed Orange Juice 6.5

Cafe Blue Knob

Cafe Blue Knob Regulars

FOOD SAFARI SUNDAY - Food Safari mean exploring world flavours, global cultures and customs in one wonderful Sunday lunch. They are held monthly and offer multiple courses with entertainment, and always yummy, filling and worth talking about afterward.

* Nov 29th 12.30pm Jamaican Summer Food Safari

COMMUNICAKE - The monthly free Cafe Blue Knob Talk

A free Sunday Lunch talk from the community to the community about life styles, curiosities, simplicities and necessities. If you are interested in holding a talk please contact the cafe. There is really no limit to possible topics and the guidelines of the talks are: keep it simple, entertaining, let it be of common interest and curiosity - subjects close to the heart coming from a genuine place ... :-)

* December 13th 12:30pm Nemi Nath 'Peak states Healing'
* January Want to have a go?

FREESKILLING WORKSHOPS - Sharing our skills with each other

Free monthly Saturday workshops at the Cafe for everyone to come, learn and share equally. Skill sets revolving roughly around self-sufficiency, off-grid living and sustainability, are especially sought after. From building skills (stoves, ovens, toilets, small sheds, furniture etc), to sewing, crafting, foraging wild foods, weaving, gardening, fermenting, permaculture, repairing stuff and other wonderful skills - put down your name where you feel free to share your expertise.

In our intense times I am certain we are all part of learning how to work together, to keep the community strong and to value the local talents. If you are happy to share please contact the cafe. No certified professionals necessary. Simply experienced and generous individuals is what the cafe looks for. Afternoon tea and locally sourced affordable family dinner is offered. The workshop host receives free dinner, of course :-)

Freeskilling Workshop
Freeskilling Workshop
French Rocket Stove Toast

How to build a simple wood fired rocket stove and cook on it

Next FREESKILLING Workshop: Sat, 14th Nov 4pm Sharp
'Foraging, edible nature and bush tucker'
- Walk, learn and eat with Richard Burer to learn what nature cooks for us. Enjoy an affordable dinner afterwards.

* Anyone interested in presenting a Freeskilling Workshop, please contact Joline 0416 616 804

Contact Joline at or mob: 0416616804
or phone Blue Knob Hall Gallery & Cafe (02) 66897449

Cafe Blue Knob Counter
Middle East Food Safari


Blue Knob Hall Gallery 719 Blue Knob Road, Lillian Rock NSW 2480


Cafe Hours:
Thursday 10am - 4pm
Friday 10am - 2pm
Saturday 8:30am - 2pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm (cafe hours 10am – 2pm)

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Capsicum Parpadelle


Easter Platters
Easter Platters


Raw Apple Caramel Torte
Raw Apple Caramel Torte


Raw Cakes
Raw Cakes


Quark Poppy Seed Cake


Sticky Cinnamon Muesli Squares


German Bretzels
German bretzels


Lemon Blueberry Tart
Lemon Blueberry Tart


The Ultimate 7 Layered Birthday Cake


German Vanilla Waffle
German Vanilla Waffle


Raw Blueberry Chocolates
Raw Blueberry Chocolates


Cafe Blue Knob


Vegan Strawberry Vanilla Wedding/Engagement Cake
Vegan Strawberry Vanilla
Wedding/Engagement Cake